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ERG Innovation Lab™

Utilizing Innovation Techniques to Increase Business and Organizational Results

Equip. Empower. Engage.

We all talk about innovation. We all say innovation is an outcome of diversity of thought. If Innovation is really a critical business or organizational driver for your organization, then ERGs are uniquely structured to bring diverse perspectives together to solve business problems and drive new opportunities for profitability, market penetration, quality, safety and service. But can your ERGs deliver on the promise?

But just creating an ERG will not bring about innovative business results. This interactive, truly dynamic workshop is designed as a practical roll up your sleeves laboratory with a focus on utilizing 6 specific innovation techniques to solve a real life organizational or business problem., Each ERG will walk away with a concrete business initiative and plan.

This is the only workshop for ERG leaders and sponsors which actually enables ERGs to increase business results through innovation.

Specifically, ERG Leaders and Sponsors will:

  • Assess their present level of effectiveness and highlight transition steps required to increase impact and close gaps
  • Identify 8 specific components of their organization's business case
  • Understand how diversity and inclusion intersects with specific innovation techniques
  • Learn 4 innovation techniques and apply them to solve an organization or business problem.

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  • Applies four different innovation techniques to create a practical business solution to a current opportunity or challenge
  • Analyze your business situation using eight specific elements to detail the business case for diversity
  • Utilizes an assessment tool to determine the business intersections that parallels the mission of your ERG



  • Increase the ability of ERGs to turn innovative ideas into practical solutions
  • Improves the analytical ability of members to make decisions and solve problems
  • Creates excitement in new initiatives with senior and middle management 4. Strengthens the impact, influence and effectiveness of ERG's and its' members.
  • Participants leave with a concrete business plan

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