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ERG ReFocus™

Equip. Empower. Engage.

Overtime all ERGs need to sharpen and refocus their efforts to increase membership vitality and stay relevant to changing business needs. On occasion ERGs can even lose their momentum and begin to experience slippage or even fall into periods of dormancy. These stages of an ERG's Life Cycle impacts the organization, the D&I process and the ERG's members in significant ways.

This one day intensive workshop will strengthen your ERG's impact for increased levels of effectiveness, performance and contribution.

More than casually attending ERG activities, Members will be inspired and skilled to act as full partners in the work of their ERG. The ERG group will build team cohesion and create tactics that are focused on business and constituency group needs.
The goal of ERG Refocus is to strengthen and increase the capability of the ERG and its members to impact business and organizational results by realigning and refocusing its mission, initiatives and activities.

More specifically, the objectives are to:

  • build awareness and skills to create impactful, peak performing ERGs
  • sharpen focus to create alignment to business and member needs
  • gain credibility with those inside and outside of the constituency group


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  • Utilizes the 6 Stages of an ERG Cycle tool to plot your ERGs' progress
  • Specific recommendations are provided to increase the impact of your ERG brand and communications process
  • The 5 "S" Framework helps build a vibrant and successful ERG



  • Sharpens the skills to build momentum and sustain success
  • Strengthens the impact, influence, and effectiveness of ERG's and ERG members
  • ERGs learn to save time and resources by avoiding common start up traps
  • Utilizes best practice techniques for creating a structure that supports and aligns with the business strategy and diversity and inclusion mission

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